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Training Your Dog To Make Eye Contact & Focus

Dog Eye Contact

A useful command for any dog to know is the ‘focus’ command. When the focus command is given, the dog should make eye contact with the speaker and await the next instruction. Having your dog focus on you before giving further commands...

5 Basic Commands You Should Teach Your Dog First

Dog Eye Contact

Your dog doesn’t have to become an obedience champion to become a well-behaved, enjoyable pet. A few simple commands, which can be learned in any basic obedience class or at home, can turn the friskiest puppy or most excitable dog into a model...

How to Find a High Quality Dog Trainer

How To Find A Good Dog Trainer

So you’ve decided to have your dog trained by a professional. Having your dog trained is a great way to make sure that it becomes obedient and safe, two things you’ll definitely want to ensure if you have a family. However, once you...

How To Train Your Dog To Be Off Leash

Training Dog Off Leash

One thing most new dog owners want to start working on right away with their dog is training their dog to be off leash. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. Knowing how to train your dog to be off leash is so...