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How to Stop Dog Barking

Dog Seperation Anxiety

How to stop dog barking with free dog & puppy training tips, commands, techniques, methods & devices. All your dog behavior questions answered, abused dog behavior, growling, separation anxiety

Stop my Dog Chasing Sheep

My 18 month old cocker spaniel has recently found the delights of chasing sheep, she is usually quite good at recall but seems to become deaf when so distracted.

My Dog Blog!

Dog Obedience Training blog. Best dog training methods & techniques for different dog breeds, dog separation anxiety, and free puppy training tips for potty & crate training a puppies.

Training a Husky

Training A Husky

My 2 year old female husky wont stop whinging and howling. I have not been at home a lot lately due to a lot of travel for work but my mother and my brother