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Stop Dog From Chewing Furniture

How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing Furniture

If your dog chews furniture, you might wonder what to do about the problem. Furniture is expensive to replace and an eyesore once it shows countless teeth marks. Welcoming guests to your home can be embarrassing if your tables and chairs look...

Bored Dog

Six Ways to Solve Your Dog’s Boredom

A bored dog is bad news. Bored dogs are more likely to exhibit behavioral problems, such as barking, digging holes, or causing destruction to your property. More importantly, a dog with nothing to do is an unhappy creature. If you want to...

How To Deal With A Fearful Dog

6 Tips for Dealing With a Fearful Dog

Not every dog is going to be a bundle of joyful energy. There are dogs out there that have issues with shyness or fear, especially dogs who have been adopted, rescued, or saved from a shelter. The dog may have been abused by a previous owner...

Dog Eye Contact

5 Basic Commands You Should Teach Your Dog...

Your dog doesn’t have to become an obedience champion to become a well-behaved, enjoyable pet. A few simple commands, which can be learned in any basic obedience class or at home, can turn the friskiest puppy or most excitable dog into a...

How To Find A Good Dog Trainer

How to Find a High Quality Dog Trainer

So you’ve decided to have your dog trained by a professional. Having your dog trained is a great way to make sure that it becomes obedient and safe, two things you’ll definitely want to ensure if you have a family. However, once you...

Training Dog Off Leash

How To Train Your Dog To Be Off Leash

One thing most new dog owners want to start working on right away with their dog is training their dog to be off leash. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. Knowing how to train your dog to be off leash is so...

Dog Seperation Anxiety

How to Stop Dog Barking

How to stop dog barking with free dog & puppy training tips, commands, techniques, methods & devices. All your dog behavior questions answered, abused dog behavior, growling, separation anxiety

Shih Tzu

About The Shih Tzu Poodle Mix Dog Breed

The Shih tzu poodle mix or Shih-poo or Pooshih, Poo-shi, is a particularly cute dog, learn the characteristics, behavior and temperement. Oh and some really cute pictures of the Bichon Shih Tzu.

Dog Ticks

What do Ticks Look Like?

What do ticks look like, tick identification, pictures & photos of all kinds & types, including the black legged deer tick, seed etc & advice on lyme disease & the red bumpy bullseye skin rash